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Corporate Governance

Stakeholder, Ethics & Environmental Policies

Although the primary objective of the Company is to discover economic mineral deposits and increase the wealth of its shareholders, it understands that it has wider responsibilities.

The Company recognises that as well as shareholders and employees, its stakeholders also include landholders and local communities in the vicinity of its projects and in a broader sense, the community at large. The Company acknowledges the need to keep stakeholders informed, and to consult with and obtain community support, if its projects are to be successful in the long run. It also understands the need to program its exploration activities in accordance with local sensitivities and circumstances.

The ethics policy of the Company demands that all business activities of the Company comply with the highest ethical standards - no activities are undertaken where there is any risk of compromising its high ethical standards.

The Company's environmental policy is aimed at ensuring that all exploration activities are undertaken to world's best practice standards for the total environment including noise, air, water, soil, flora and fauna. Proactive minimisation of environmental disturbance and, where necessary, post-activity rehabilitation of exploration sites are fundamental requirements of the policy.






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